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Differences Between Refurbished and Cloned Phones

Differences Between Refurbished and Cloned Phones

A lot of people get confused when trying to differentiate a refurbished phone from a cloned phone, GUESS WHAT? Your answer is right here as we give you in details The Differences Between Refurbished and Cloned Phones.

The term ‘refurbished phone‘ generally refers to a pre-owned handset or any electronic device that has been sent back due to a fault and has been repaired by the manufacturer or manufacturer-authorized companies for re-sale. … Before being put on sale, all refurbished phones have been thoroughly checked and tested to ensure they’re in full working order.

Not all phones described as refurbished were at one stage faulty, though. Some networks and retailers classify ‘refurbished phones’ as handsets that were returned by customers who changed their mind within the 30-day cooling-off period after they signed up for a contract.

Tests carried out by the seller typically include whether the battery charges and checking the buttons and cameras work. The seller will also verify audio quality and screen responsiveness, as well as how the phone connects to Wi-Fi and 3G/4G.

In keeping with Data Protection Act, the seller will securely wipe any data on the phone. So to all intents and purposes, you’ll be starting afresh.

Some refurbished phone sellers update the handset to the latest version of the operating system that powers it.

A refurbished phone should work just like new. It’s not technically a “new” phone anymore, so the term “refurbished” signals that distinction. The person who bought the phone originally may have never even used it. They may have even left it in its original packaging. That’s why refurbished phones can be such a great deal — they’re basically like new, but you get them at a discount. Limahari.com can help you get one when you need.


Clone phones are the copy version phones. It looks same as the original. Many online and offline stores sell clone phones at a very low price. Cloned phones are the first copy of the genuine product of some famous brand. The cellphones look like an original one but differ in all aspects such as hardware, software, proccesor, camera etc. They are not original in anyway as they are not manufactured by the Original manufacturing company.

You can find cloned or first copy of alot of famous branded product such as apple , samsung and LG.


 You face situations like;

* Frequent wrong number phone calls to your phone, or hang-ups.

*Placing outgoing calls becomes hard.

* Retrieving voice mail messages will be difficult.

* When phone gets faulty, getting spare parts become challenging.

* Incoming calls constantly receiving busy signals or wrong numbers.

* Unusual calls appearing on your phone bills.

* No warranty covers from the original manufacturers as the phone was never from them.

Why you should go for a refurbished phone;

Not every company defines refurbished the same way. The bottom line is that you’re buying a used phone, one that someone probably bought a year or two ago and traded in for a discount on a new device.

The refurbished phones sold by Apple online and Limahari—are restored with the same replacement parts used in new models from Apple factory. They come with a new battery, a new outer shell, new cables and accessories, and even a fresh white box.

Refurbished phones are original and good for purchase. Stay away from Cloned phones. Buying from Limahari.com keeps you safe from the dangers of buying cloned devices as all devices sold on Limahari are original, whether new, open box, used or refurbished.

Above Are The Differences Between Refurbished and Cloned Phones.

In our next post, we will be showing you the differences between new, open box, used and refurbished phones and devices.

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